Retirement is changing today

Today’s seniors are healthier, more active and have a longer life expectancy than before thanks to advancements in medical sciences. Where in the past, retirement used to mean the end of work, studies now show that a majority of people plan to continue working after they retire – often in new and different ways.

We are seeing retirees use the opportunity to pursue areas of passion that they were not able to do so before, with reduced financial or family responsibilities.

For employers, this presents a wonderful opportunity to tap on previously unexplored resources among retirees.  Retirees bring with them years of experience and institutional knowledge, greater dependability, a stronger work ethic, and flexibility over work schedule and remuneration. 

Key driving forces behind post-retirement employment

Increasing life expectancy – retirement can last 20 years or more
Insufficient pensions or EPF savings to sustain longer duration of retirement
Recent increase in cost of living and economic uncertainties
Re-visioning of later life where new generation of retirees are seeking greater purpose, stimulation, social engagement and fulfillment in retirement

How we can help seniors


We aim to identify companies that are best suited to older workers and match them with seniors /retirees seeking part time, full time, freelance or flexible work arrangements that matches their lifestyle as well as skill sets and past experience.


If you do not have a ready resume or CV, we will conduct one-on-one discussions to understand your skill sets and past experience. We will then craft out a professionally prepared resumes that are ready to be distributed to relevant companies.


We spend time with you to prepare you for interviews and possible questions that may be asked and how best to respond based on your personality and type of person you are. The idea is to bring out the best in you and ensure that is being portrayed at the meetings with the hiring managers


We provide personalised coaching to bring out the best in terms of your experiences and contributions. Our aim is to spend time to get to know you, your needs and passion. We use this information to develop your professional profile. You can then use your personalised profile to explore opportunities with potential organisations that you are keen to contribute towards.

How we can help employers


We can provide a list of available senior or retired candidates that companies may require based on needs. You will get access to the experienced talent; not only those who are available, but the best in the industry who aren’t actively seeking new opportunity.


We can assist companies search for the right candidates to fit their roles. We will spend the time with your leaders to understand the talent needs and actively fulfill this need through our vast network of untapped experienced senior resources that are open and willing to contribute to the economy.

About us

Hire.Seniors was founded by a team of professionals with senior executive backgrounds in human capital management, recruiting, performance management and business consulting

Sharmila Sinnathurai - Co Founder

Sharmila has over 15 years of experience in South East Asia, predominantly in the areas of strategic human resource consulting and operations, strategic recruiting, development and performance.

Jasmin Amirul Ghani - Co Founder

Jasmin has more than 20 years of experience in consulting, transformational change programmes, business processes, digital banking and performance management.  She is passionate about creating fulfilling lives after retirement